Description of Dive sites From Ambalangoda to Galle.

1.WALDUWA(CORAL Garden rocks)depth 3-10m,10-33ft
Ideal dive site for beginners and scuba review-various type of coral growth marine life and different varieties of sea turtles include green Loggerhead, Leatherback, Hawksbills and olive ridley’s

2.Matto”s Reef Depth 5-12m,15-35ft
Another dive site for beginners to improve their skills, bat fishes soft and Hard Corals.

3.ROBERT”S REEF Depth 12-13m,35-38ft
The Reef is covered with Stag horn, Bush corals and all the Reef fishes with School of snappers.

4.DODANDUWA POINT Depth 12-14m,36-40ft.
A flat Reef which it is covered with stag horn, Bush and Ridge Corals.

5.CAVE Depth 8-14m,20-45ft
A small Cave behind The coral garden Rocks With a well grown coral bed includes all the Reef fishes and Turtles.

6.GODA KADAWARA GALA Depth 5-16m,15-55ft
This Rock Formation is Ideal for seeing reef Fishes and occasionally sting Rays on the sandy bottom.

7.KADAWARA GALA Depth 5-18m,15-60ft
Large Rock formation with school of fishes, Octopus and Squids.

8.KADOLLA GALA Depth 8-14m,25-40ft
The Rock Formation is Rich With Puffers, Box Fishes and School of Fishes.

9.LOBSTER POINT Depth10-16m,33-55ft
Ideal Night dive Spot For Watching Lobsters and Orange Cup Corals which is Opening at Night.

10.TUNATHTHA GALA Depth 7-18m,20-60ft
A rock formation which is ideal for all the Advance Divers to get Experience with night diving.

The Rock Formation is fully covered at night with the lobsters and marine Life.

12.HIKKADUWA GALA Depth 3-20m,10-66ft
Beautiful Rock Formation with School of fishes and specially for puffers and box fishes

Another beautiful Rock Formation with all the Reef Fishes, Sting Rays and Barracudas.

14.PASSA GALA Depth 00-24m,00-75ft,
These Rock are visible form the surface, Barracudas, Sting Rays and School of Fishes.

15.GODA GALA depth 8-28m,24-85ft.
Special Dive site for moray Eels, Barracudas Groupers Napoleons and Sting Rays. The
Rock Formation is always covered by school of Fishes.

16.THELI GALA (Barracuda Point)Depth 12-28m,36-85ft
Large Rocky Area Which is good for Barracudas sting Rays And Other Reef Fishes

17.KETE GALA Depth 15-33m,45-100ft.
The Rock Formation is an ideal dive site for Napoleons, Barracudas, Moray Eels Groupers and Sting rays.

18.BLACK CORAL POINT Depth 15-35m.45-110ft,
A huge Rock includes soft Corals, Feather Stars, Moray Eels and School of Fishes.

19.KIRALA GALA Depth 21-38m,65-120ft,
One of the best dive sites in hikkaduwa for the Experience divers, Barracudas, Jack Fishes, Travel Leys, Groupers and especially for emperor Juveniles with their very different color patterns. The Rocks are covered by the sea fans, soft Corals and school of fishes.

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